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Jenn Cooking and Laughing



Jenn PortraitJenn Thomas loves to cook and lives to share her passion with the world. "Making the most out of what's in your cupboard" is not just her tag line, it's a way of life. Jenn mixes creativity and her culinary skills to create delicious, simple and budget-friendly recipes, that everyone can enjoy. Jenn's knowledge and experience in cooking and food preparation, combined with her upbeat personality, enthusiasm for her work, and ability to teach using simple and practical cooking techniques, makes her a rising star in the food and entertainment world.

In December 2007, Jenn won Rachael Ray's first "So You Think You Can Cook" TV contest on The Rachael Ray Show. Her work was judged by food celebrities including Rachael Ray and Bobbly Flay, as well as ABC's Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross. Her achievement earned her special cooking segments - using her recipes - on The Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America - as well as having her recipes published in The Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine and on RachaelRay.com. She also earned a week-long cooking boot camp trip to the Culinary Institute of America.

In her hometown, Jenn is a food celebrity and regular guest on Northeast Ohio TV and radio programs. She has been featured in People Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, Northern Ohio Live and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. In mid 2008, Jenn launched her Website brand JennCanCook.com to open her passion to a wider audience.

Jenn has exciting plans in line for 2009, including her first cooking show, Dinner and Drinks with co-host Stefanie Paganini. Jenn is working on the launch of her new concept in cookbooks and recipe sharing, and the launch of a new, interactive Website, fan page and social network designed for home cooks, 'Just like Jenn!'